Use and maintenance of cold feeding equipment



1 hardened gear reducer need to add 25kg-30kg oil (based on the oil standard), add gear oil in summer, add 45 mechanical oil in winter, replace regularly, which can prolong the service life of reducer.
2 cold feed fixing cover regularly open 1-2 months time, regular maintenance of feeding roller bearing clearance adjustment of copper knife and the feeding roller, otherwise it will leak glue, cold feed gear grease (butter) each at a time.
3 before starting, correct the die, fasten the Harvard flange and all the fasteners.
4 start working temperature between 40 DEG -70 DEG C, the temperature is too low to damage the machine, prone to high temperature vulcanized rubber (glue), cause damage to the machine is not working properly.
5 before the stop, the screw in the barrel screw clean, with the circulating water to the cylinder screw temperature down to the indoor temperature, otherwise it will affect the next use.
6 note: in the winter freeze, circulating water to add antifreeze, so as not to cause damage to the equipment onto the frozen ice.