Extrusion process of rubber tube production line



The first step: rubber after mixing and refining. At this time, rubber raw rubber and auxiliary materials after refining and refining are fully integrated. The hose quality is more stable, more beautiful.
The second step: pin rubber extruder extrusion. The strip has been cut into strips. By extruding the rubber extruder, the inner tube of the hose can be produced, so that the size of the inner tube of the hose is formed.
The third step: after traction, from the transport function.
The fourth step: knitting thread. The inner tube of the hose drawn by the tractor passes through the knitting line of the knitting machine and is conveyed from the delivery port to the next link. The knitting density can be adjusted according to the pressure of the hose.
The fifth step: traction. This step is the same as the third step.
The sixth step: extrusion rubber tube of the outer tube. This step is similar to the first step. The hose tube made of knitting machine passes through the T type head and enters the rubber extruder, and the rubber tube blank is wrapped from the other side of the T type machine head.
The seventh step: traction transmission.
The eighth step: cooling isolation. This is finished by pulling the rough, over cooling, and then through the separation agent.
The ninth step: automatic cutting. This step is to drag the rubber through the separation agent to the cutting system. Set the length for automatic cutting.
The tenth step: core loading. Core setting.
The eleventh step: high pressure vulcanization. Put the core hose into the autoclave for vulcanization.
The twelfth step: take the product out of core.
The thirteenth step: finished product.