Why is it difficult to control the temperature of the cold feed rubber extruder?



In the process of production,Why cold extrusion rubber extrusion opportunities occur, set the temperature is difficult to control the phenomenon?Everybody knows that,The mold temperature machine needs to be connected with the cooling water to adjust the temperature,There are three main reasons for this phenomenon:

1.The cooling water has no access at all,At this time, the relevant operators are required to check and take measures to solve them.

2.The cooling water switch is not turned on,In the process of extrusion,Be sure to check it so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

3.The cooling water switch is not fully opened.

In the process of extrusion, cold feed rubber friction resulting in the opportunity to own the temperature rise, which is the friction of truth, then you need to adjust the cooling water temperature, to control temperature.

In short, cooling water access is a major factor in temperature control. Finally, to tell you is the extruder temperature should be maintained at the proper temperature, not too high or too low, because the quality of high or low temperature will directly affect the extrusion products so we must pay attention to work in the rubber extrusion machine extrusion.