Introduction of function of each part of PVC plastic pipe extruder production line



PVC plastic pipe extruder production line mainly produces agricultural pipes, pipes, pipes and pipes of various diameters and thicknesses. Apply to PP, PE, PS, ABS, PVC, PPC and other resin pipe for the production of raw materials.

1.Extruder: PVC pipe extruder production line with quantitative feeding device, the extrusion volume and add products to ensure stable extrusion.

2.The vacuum setting tank is used for the shaping and cooling of pipes. Vacuum shaping water tank is provided with a fixed type vacuum and cooling system and a water circulating system, stainless steel cabinet, circulating water cooling, water tank is provided with a vacuum setting before and after the mobile device and the height adjusting device, manual.

3.The tractor is used to continuously and automatically pipe the pipe which has been cooled and hardened from the head of PVC pipe extruder production line.

4.Cutting saw: automatic cutting is carried out after the stroke switch is controlled according to the required length. A long cutting saw switch signal for instruction, complete the whole cutting process. In the cutting process and pipe operation to maintain synchronization, cutting process by electric and pneumatic drive completed.