Application and classification of plastic granulator



According to the different screw design and mechanical configuration, can be applied to PP, PE, PS, PET, ABS, PC, acrylic and other pieces of pellets or pellets. The raw materials, recycled materials processing. The granulating machine has the advantages of good processing performance, low cost, corrosion resistance, high precision, high efficiency, easy to install and move. The machine has two filters, the exhaust effect is good, the produced particles dense, bright color, good plasticizing effect.

There are many types of plastic granulator, according to the number of points, can also be divided according to the function of granulator.

1 according to the number of screw points: granulator can be divided into single screw granulator, twin-screw granulator and multi screw granulator.

2 according to the function of granulating machine: granulating machine can be divided into a common single screw granulator, exhaust granulator, foam granulator, feeding a wide range of materials and granulator granulator.

In the plastic granulator. Ordinary single screw granulator is the most widely used. However, the mixing effect of single screw granulator is poor, it is not suitable for processing powder, increasing the pressure and increasing the production efficiency.

The utility model is suitable for processing materials with high moisture absorption or volatile components, and can discharge water and volatile matter in the process of processing to obtain better quality products.

Plunger type granulator is suitable for the processing of material viscosity, the need for large extrusion pressure of the product molding.

The two stage granulator is better than the common single screw granulator, which has good plasticizing effect, and the middle part of the two section can be provided with an air outlet.