Production line of sheet extruder



The plastic sheet extruder production line, PLC control the automatic control of the function such as parameter setting, data operation, alarm and so on. Adopting different screw design and mechanical configuration, the width and thickness of the product can be adjusted, which can be applied to the production of PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC and other plastic sheets. It is suitable for the decorative plate, anti-slip mat, food industry and hospital industry for non-toxic plastic sheets. Plastic sheets, such as industry, commerce and construction, have also been widely used.

Technical parameters

The screw adopts special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design.

The frame head adopts special double throttling design to make the plate thickness adjustment more accurate.

3. + / - 1 ℃ temperature control can be precise control of plasticizing process and plate thickness, smoothness.

4. The three-roll calender machine adopts horizontal, vertical, or 45 ° tilting, free elevation ways.

The plate thickness control adopts screw adjustment and pressure wheel bi-directional adjustment to control the thickness of the plate.

The controlled roller temperature control system can accurately control the temperature of the rollers and the thickness of the sheet.

Slicing machine, plate length and quantity precision.

The coil is equipped with the advanced torque motor, which can adjust the speed and the winding tension at will.