Rubber extruder can be used to produce a variety of rubber products



In our daily life, rubber products can be said to be everywhere, is a common product, for example in the car on the seal in the chemical field, rubber products is relatively common, and these rubber products is cannot do without rubber processing machinery, rubber extruder is a mechanical equipment, the following is to introduce, the main products of rubber extruder. Rubber machinery and equipment is indispensable in the rubber industry, of course, which also includes a rubber extruder, the rubber industry, rubber machine is mainly used for tire tread extrusion compound, automobile sealant, tire tread, color composite hose and plastic composite extrusion, sheet and multilayer coextrusion work. In the rubber industry, composite extrusion production process can be said to be more advanced technology, according to the different requirements of product performance, it can adopt different sizing formula and performance, and then in the composite extrusion equipment's help, we can produce products with a variety of performance requirements, but these are not open rubber extruder help, thereby, the importance of rubber extruder in the rubber industry.